About Indomie

Indomie has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1970’s. Our noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious taste. As a result of our success our range has expanded to 14 different products.

Indomie History

Instant noodles were first introduced and marketed in 1958 in Japan. Due to its practicality and delicious taste, instant noodles were well received and liked by the Japanese. Soon after, its popularity spread throughout the world including Indonesia.

Indomie was one of the pioneers of instant noodles in Indonesia. The Indomie brand was launched formally in 1972. Hard work, perseverance and innovation were the key factors that made Indomie flourished to be the largest instant noodles producer in Indonesia. After more than four decades, Indomie still holds those values dearly and still maintain its reputable standing.

Indomie was first introduced in Australia in the 1990s. It began with the Indonesians bringing in Indomie themselves as they started their university lives in Australia. It has grown in popularity due to its delicious authentic mi goreng taste. Today, Indomie has become a well know snack for many Australians, particularly the university students. It is now the no.1 Mi Goreng in Australia.

Indomie go Global!

Indomie is available in over 100 countries around the world including Australia, America, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Nigeria, and many more.

Indomie comes in many different varieties, the most popular is Mi Goreng. It literally means Fried Noodles, but without all the fuss. It’s ready in an instant for your convenience. Simply cook the noodles, drain and then add all the seasonings in.

Indomie has since launched a variety of Mi Goreng range including Barbeque Chicken, Satay, Hot & Spicy and Spicy Beef Ribs. Indomie also has classic flavours such as, Special Chicken and Chicken Curry, which are best eaten with broth. Whichever Indomie flavour you feel like, give them a go and we hope that Indomie will become your favourite noodles too.